This page provides information on table linen, bedding, bed valances & headboards.

There are a couple of options for making up headboards depending on whether you require an elaborate finished, padded and trimmed style or whether your preference is a simple loose cover design that allows you to easily remove the covers for washing or perhaps a change in colour or pattern to match your bed linen changes.

The approach for both types is intended to provide a comfortable padded product on a board base that can be fitted directly to the bed or if preferred can be attached to the wall behind the head of the bed.

By using a bespoke design you can use the headboards to pull the colour schemes and style together in much the same way as you would using cushions or other accessories through appropriate selection of matching and contrasting colours, textures and style. You also have options for selecting alternative shapes to achieve the required image and can move away from the traditional rectangular shape of most off the shelf products available.


An alternative or addition to headboards is the use of drapes at the head of the bed that can be hung either from the wall or can in fact run across the ceiling to provide a bed canopy. There are many different effects that can be achieved with this method of dressing the bed so please get in touch if you need to discuss the options.


To compliment your bespoke headboard design you can elect to have bedding valances and duvets made up to tie in with your adopted colour schemes, textures and material choices to provide that bed luxury feeling.

This will also provide the benefit of a coordinated finish to your beds and where necessary will cover and hide unsightly bed legs or items stored under your beds that you simply cannot achieve with fitted sheets alone.

As always there are a number of options available for materials, finished styles and colours which can be discussed and advised upon.

Curtainsandcushions offers a make up service for bespoke headboards and valances to meet your design and style requirements using your fabrics of choice. So please get in touch if you want to discuss these options.

Table Linen

To help accessorise your room you can consider using bespoke table linen as another means of tying in the style of choice, there are many different ways of dressing furniture in the room to obtain the desired affect. The example shown illustrates the use of the same material as the bed valance to tie in the style approach. An alternative option that could have easily been taken would have been to use a contrasting material that complimented the colour and texture choices of the predominant style choice.

If your preference is for quality off the shelf products which you can purchase online then please feel free to visit our Shopwindow page where you can select from a range of products.


Ready Made Headboards

If you prefer to select from a range of ready made headboards then please take a look in through the selection illustrated below and which are available from reputable suppliers for purchase online. Click on 'More' for the required item and to be taken to a site where you can find additional items from which to select.