Roman blinds provide a simple elegant solution to the window dressing challenge and are very economic in terms of material content. The clean straight lines of a Roman blind with a plain material will provide you with a minimalist look as stand alone item or it can be used to compliment a more fully dressed window style by sitting behind the primary dressing fabrics close to the window.

The construction utilizes wooden or plastic rods slotted into horizontal channels which are corded at the back so that the blind can be drawn up into folded pleats. Although not essential, it is best to use a stiff plain or striped fabric when producing Roman blinds so that the pleating can be accurately aligned with the grain of the cloth and the blind drawn into its pleats in a smooth easy motion.

You can get blinds ready made, see Shopwindow, but bespoke blinds let you choose between un-lined or lined blinds in a fabric of your choice and depending on the desired effect, lined blinds will block light and fold more efficiently than un-lined blinds, if that is a requirement, giving you a blind blackout.

The draw cords are usually finished at the end with a cord acorn and an appropriate cleat is selected and fitted to allow the Roman blinds to be tied off in the appropriate position on the window.

Fitting is usually achieved through the use of a baton mounted velcro strip that facilitates easy removal of the blind should it need laundering or dry cleaning.

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Ready Made Roman Blinds & Roller Blinds

If you prefer to select ready made Roman or roller blinds then please take a look in through the selection of ready made and made to measure items from reputable suppliers which can be purchased online. Click on 'More' for the required item and to be taken to a site where you can find additional items from which to select.